Apps for when you're marketing a small business

Whether you’re a marketer for a growing business (like myself) or running the entire operation, marketing a small business is a challenge. How do you cut through the noise? How do you make sure the marketing you’re doing is resonating with your potential customers and that you’re not just chucking money away?


这是我们8 ess的列表ential marketing tools for growing brands:



A whopping世界50%的人口are on social media and 54% use it to采购前的研究产品。底线?如果您想销售您的产品并建立您的品牌,社交媒体很重要。

Managing your brand’s social presence takes time, effort and creativity. That’s why many marketers use social media management applications, like缓冲

Using Buffer, you can run your presence across social media platforms through a single application. can collaborate on social media posts with your team, schedule posts across networks ahead of time and then analyse their effectiveness.


2. HotJar



如果您有兴趣如何改进您的网站页面,或者访问者实际上在您的网站时实际上是做什么,那么HotJaris the application for you. Its heatmaps plot how visitors pilot their mouse cursor around your page and it can often show really interesting behaviours.

For example, we’ve found that when visitors come to our forms, they’re often clicking on the displayed product logo to try and go back to their previous page. However, this logo isn’t hyperlinked to anything, potentially resulting in a frustrated visitor. So that’s something we’re going to fix as soon as possible.



Your brand is one of the most important assets you own. You’ve undoubtedly spent a lot of care creating a brand identity, shooting beautiful photos of your products, and creating eye-catching graphics for your marketing campaign. And then you have to sift through zip files, file-sharing links, a labyrinth of folders and email attachments to find them, right?

If so, Dash is here for you. We might be biased, but we reckonDash(one of our own products), is the perfect digital asset management (DAM) tool for web retailers and small businesses. Simply upload your photos, videos and graphics and Dash’s AI will automatically tag them and make them searchable for you.

它旨在简化您的进程 - 例如,您可以给出摄影师访问,以便在拍摄准备批准后直接上传他们的图像。您可以使用团队协作地处理图像,然后使用我们的社交和电子商务集成,向客户发送给您。


Build a new home for your brand content that grows with you.


This will come as no surprise, but谷歌分析is an essential tool for any digital marketer. The amount of information it contains can be overwhelming – from website visit data, to audience demographics, content performance and load times, and goals and ecommerce attribution.

It’s easy to fall down the data rabbit hole, so if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, take a step back and plan what you need to track.





Thanks toCanva,那些日子不再。使用其广泛的库存图片和模板库,它允许您轻松创建和协作您的广告系列,社交媒体饲料或博客帖子的图形。这是我们使用很多亮点的工具,为我们的博客,社交帖子和新闻通讯创建图形,我们自己的vic和emma从明亮的营销团队中成为帆布专业人士 - 看看他们的top Canva tips

6. SEMRush


If content is king then SEO is… important? (We tried).

SEO(或者相当'搜索引擎优化')可以有点黑暗的艺术,但它基本上与您的网页排名的距离在搜索引擎结果中有多远。为什么这重要?好吧,平均前3个搜索结果get around 40% of all clicks


To help our own efforts on this front, we useSemrush.。It’s full of insights about how we’re performing, and we’re able to keep an eye on what the competition is up to. For any small business marketer looking to grow their organic traffic and create engaging content people will actually be searching for, tools like SEMRush are a must.

7. SurveyMonkey





And last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to look at getting an end-to-end marketing application likeHubSpot

For small business marketing, one way to improve efficiencies is to use a single platform to run a multitude of tasks. HubSpot is great for that and it'll help with your campaign project management. Using it, you’ll be able to manage your website content, run your email marketing and automation, and keep track of sales leads. It powers the marketing we do here at Bright, and we’d be pretty lost without it!

Dash是小组和不断增长的品牌的完美数字资产管理解决方案。用一个自己尝试一下free, no-strings 14-day trial


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